The textual qualities of TVR are based on over eighteen years of experience at the General Dutch News Agency (abbreviation in Dutch: ANP), as editor at the foreign desk. By this experience TVR has gained a broad experience in writing reports, interviews, background stories and many other kinds of editing and correcting work. Obviously a lot of translation work was involved in these activities.

In the latest years TVR has done a lot of freelance work for different newspapers. For instance written portraits (with own pictures) have been made of political key figures (mayors, town clerks, alderman and town councillors) and other newsworthy participants in society. Since October 2004 TVR looks after the page ‘People’ in ‘Newspaper Zoetermeer’, which appears once a week; every week three men and/or women are portrayed with text and picture on the occasion of their birthday, of a long marriage, of a royal honour or something of the kind.


Text work
Translation work